Week 6 – Neoliberalism & War

February 23

  • Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine, Introduction and Ch. 14 [DOWNLOAD]

February 25

  • Schlosser, “The Prison-Industrial Complex” [DOWNLOAD]
  • Bernstein, “Companies use Immigration Crackdown to turn a Profit” [DOWNLOAD]

As mentioned in class, the Prison Industrial Complex is just one example of how to connect the economic and ideological model of neoliberalism under capitalism. If anyone is interested in thinking about this on the topic of the “corporatization” of the university, here is an article about  adjust labor and the University in The Atlantic.

In-class videos:
Report by the Public Accountability Initiative, as reported by Democracy Now, October 18, 2013


Prison Industrial Complex in America on PressTV

The Prison Industrial Complex and Michelle Alexander and her book “The New Jim Crow” on Democracy Now

“US prison-industrial complex [private jails] reap record profits – Cameron started in UK in 2011” from RT News