In a few sentences, please tell us who you are and what you’re doing this semester – for example, other classes or activities at Mason, jobs, community involvement. Also tell us something you hope to take from this class. Please post to the “Introductions” page by 2pm on Monday, January 26.  

After you have introduced yourself, please reply to TWO of your classmates’ intros. Your replies are due by 2pm on Wednesday, January 28.

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  1. Sarah Smith

    Hello, my name is Sarah Smith. I am a George Mason University Junior who is majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Inequalities and Responses and a double minor in Japanese Studies and Dance Appreciation. In my free time, I am a color guard instructor at West Springfield and Edison High Schools and on the weekends, I march for my own winter guard, Stonewall Independent. I am taking this class not only because it is a required core class for my major, but because the class goes further in cultural studies beyond Introduction to Global Affairs. I generally want to learn more about what I will be learning and utilizing in my future with a Global Affairs degree, but I wish to the required text, “Brazil’s Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, The Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy”, aligns much with my concentration.

  2. Daniel Lung


    My name is Dan Lung. I am junior studying Global Affairs Major with a concentration in Global Economy and Management and a Minor in International Security. Being a commuter, I don’t really have time for anything on campus =(. I hope to work for the government after school, doing something related to either international development or economic trade policy. Whenever I have a free moment (which isn’t often), I like to engage in anything outdoors – hiking, running, swimming, kayaking and travelling. Currently, I work at a college near my house doing data base management. I am very exited to take this class – one of my favorite activities is to travel to latin american countries over the summer. I hope that this class will give me a greater understanding of these cultures in particular – their histories, political structures and social constructs.

  3. Andrea Mendoza

    Hi I’m Andrea and I am a Global Affairs Major with a concentration in the region of Asia and a minor in Japanese. I am somewhat of a freshmen in the sense that this is my first year attending a university after High School, but while I was in High School I also completed my Associate of Arts Degree so I am also considered a junior.
    Since I live on campus I have time to participate in a variety of clubs and organizations. Currently I am teaming up the Japanese Student Association to create a Japanese conversation class, so I’m excited to do that this semester and hopefully next year as well. For this course I am interested in learning more in depth about the topics I learned about in the GLOA intro course as well as setting up a proposal for research about East Asia, however I am still unsure as to what exactly I want to write this research proposal for.

  4. Daniel Lung

    Hi Andrea,

    You concentration and minor will go very well together. Do you have any idea what you want to do after you graduate (I’m assuming something in the Far East)? Do you speak Japanese? If so you will be considered extremely valuable, because it is so hard to learn. I have some Japanese friends and they tried teaching me a little of their language….very difficult….but if you can learn…it will definatly pay off!

  5. Daniel Lung

    Wow Sarah! A double minor in Japanese Studies and Dance Appreciation? Very interesting…it seems like you interests are very broad. That’s cool! Any idea how you are going to mesh your passion for the arts and government/culture/international affairs into a job? Maybe international cultural journalism?

  6. Mariam Wamee

    Hello All!

    My name is Mariam and I’m a senior graduating in May (yay!). I am majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Governance, and minoring in Business. Some other fun classes I am taking this semester are World Dance and a Synthesis Seminar called “Rule by People” taught by former CNN Analyst, William Schneider. Apart from going to school full time, I work part-time at an Apple Store, which is a super-fun, stress free job. I also intern part-time at USAID in Washington D.C. As I mentioned in class, GLOA 101 has been the most influential class I have taken at Mason. I hope to take away great discussion and ideas from this class, by going in depth into the topics that were introduced in GLOA.

  7. Andrew Han

    Hello Class!

    My name is Andrew Han and I am a George Mason University senior studying Global Affairs. After a long and arduous road, I am privileged to say that I am graduating this Summer. Although I am a Global Affairs major, I have just recently grown interest in IT related fields such as programming: SQL, Python, etc., as well as a Geographic Information System program called ArcMap. For this course I am interested in not only a deeper understanding in the interconnecting of cultures but through those interconnections, if or if not a new set of identities will emerge. I cannot really elaborate too much on this since I am barely scratching the surface but it stems from the idea that people are inherently driven to be identified as ______, you name it. I am excited to hear and learn from our discussions.

  8. Anna Filipovic

    My name is Anna Filipovic. I’m a Global Affairs major with a concentration in Global Inequalities and Responses with a minor is German. The reason I chose to study these things is because I’m interesting is refugee resettlement. My parents and I moved to the US in 1999 as Bosnian refugees from the civil conflict the destroyed Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. My parents managed to make a great life for them and my brother and me, and it couldn’t have been possible with nonprofits and government institutions giving us a shot at a better life, so I want to make a difference in other people’s lives in the same way. I wanted to take this class because I think globalization and culture is a HUGE part in what I’m interested.

  9. Anna Filipovic

    Oh and I work in the mailroom, love eating and napping. That’s about all I have time for right now!

  10. Anna Filipovic

    Congrats on graduating soon! I was super surprised that the apple store is stress-free, whenever I go there are about a billion people there, but that sounds super fun!

  11. Anna Filipovic

    Learning Japanese is awesome! I learned Arabic for a few semesters, but decided to switch my minor to German. It looks like your major and minor will be super beneficial together! And I’m sure as we go further in depth in the class, you’ll be able to form a research question for your proposal!

  12. Matt Kalna


    My name is Matt Kalna. I’m a junior majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Governance and a double minor in Geographic Information Systems and Intelligence Analysis. After school I hope to work for the government in the Intelligence Community, hopefully doing intelligence collection and analysis. Outside of the class room I play Club Ultimate Frisbee and work on campus for the MasonLIFE program. In this course I hope gain a stronger sense of cultural identities and the interconnections of cultures and how these interconnections have the ability to influence global events and processes. I am looking forward to hearing the different view points in the classroom discussions this semester.

  13. Matt Kalna

    Hi Andrew!

    I am minoring in GIS. I was just wondering how much work you have done with the software? Also, have you thought about if/how to apply it to Global Affairs research? I’d love to talk more about this subject.

  14. David Olivera

    Hello, my name is David Olivera. I’m an English major with a concentration in world literature. I’m taking this class to get a better understanding of cultures and globalization to complement my literary anaylsis. When I’m not studying, sleeping, or working (I work part-time at a mom-and-pop’s hardware store), I enjoy biking, playing guitar, reading, running, walking my dog, and going on adventures. I’m also an Army ROTC cadet and an Army reservist. One day, I hope to be a Civil Affairs officer or be part of a UN peacekeeping operation (preferably in Latin America because I can speak spanish).

  15. Ekaterina Kuichik


    My name is Kat, and I am originally from Russia where I studied Western Europe. When I became a George Mason student, I decided to still pursue a Global Affairs major but with concentration in Russia and Central Asia. In future, I would like to be part of NGO that works in my home country. When I have free time I like hanging out with friends, reading books, hiking, or doing any other fun activity; unfortunately, that does not happen often as I have a part-time job. I am looking forward to learning from this course about world as a whole, and how various cultures influenced each other.

  16. Stephanie Rodriguez

    Hi All!

    My name is Stephanie Rodriguez. I am a junior majoring in Global Affairs. My concentration is International Development. I am currently debating whether to pursue the Accelerate MA in Global Affairs here at Mason. I hope by the end of this semester, I’ll have a decision on whether to embark on that journey! At the moment I am a full time student. I used to work full time for the Prince William County Court. I took some time off from school after high school and worked there for about 5 years. During that time I spent a lot of time traveling. I visited Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. I love to travel, so definitely considering studying abroad as well. In my free time I enjoy exercising, catching up with friends/family, cooking, and reading. Although this course is required, I hope to gain a better understanding on the relationship between globalization and culture, especially in a world fueled by rapidly evolving technology shaping/influencing culture daily.

  17. Stephanie Rodriguez

    Mariam, congratulations on your upcoming graduation! I too am majoring in Global Affairs and considered that same exact concentration, but last minute decided to declare International Development instead. Both are very interesting concentrations and a lot of similar classes. That’s awesome you’re interning with USAID, I would love to get involved with them too at some point. This Fall I will probably try to intern with The Department of State, so hopefully all goes well!

  18. Stephanie Rodriguez

    Anna, Global Affairs is definitely a great match for your interests and history. I have so many Bosnian friends with similar stories. One of my best friends Irma came here as a refugee from Bosnia as well. After meeting her, I met so many amazing Bosnians that I still consider great friends. The culture, and especially the food is amazing. I love ćevapi, very cliché of me, I know! I dated a Croatian as well (very similar of course) for a while, so I am very familiar with the beautiful culture. I plan to make a trip to Bosnia/Croatia next year, so hopefully I’ll be done with Mason soon. I am considering doing the Accelerated MA in Global Affairs, so we shall see!

  19. Alayah

    Hello all,

    My name is Alayah Qayid and I’m a senior majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Media, Communication, and Culture. I’m taking 19 credits this semester, working part time at a bank, and I also help out a newly found relief org on my free time. I can’t even comprehend how much of a struggle the next four months will be for me. All I know is to work hard and to look forward to my exciting summer travel plans. Some other interesting courses i am taking are Multilingualism, Identity/Power, Social Psychology, Social Dynamics of terrorism, security/justice, and International Economics. GLOA 101 was my first course at Mason and it was my favorite, I hope to gain more knowledge on the topics discussed in that class in relevance to Culture.

  20. Alayah

    Hi Stephanie,

    I can definitely relate to your love for travel! I think thats amazing how you traveled to all those beautiful countries. I have only been to Dubai and Yemen but I plan to travel to Spain and Italy this summer with a study abroad program. Wish you the best with your studies!

  21. Alayah

    Hi David,

    Wow, it sounds like you have a lot going on. I think its interesting how you chose to take a culture class for your literary analysis, I think its so important to understand culture and globalization. I also have the same hopes as you to be a part of a UN peacekeeping operation one day. I wish you the best in your studies!

  22. Matt Kalna


    I am very jealous of your expansive travel resume. When traveling have you done any humanitarian work? Just wondering if you had as it would tie into your concentration very well.

  23. Iram Nisar

    Hello Everyone
    My name is Iram Nisar and I’m a senior at George Mason University with a concentration in International Development. Im taking 15 credits this semester and working part-time in a dental office. This is gonna be one crazy semester for me but I like challenges and hopefully it will make the semester go by really fast. I recently got engaged and by the end of the semester I can start planning my dream wedding. My plan is to work in D.C. and do internships before I start applying for jobs in my field. I just hope I am lucky enough to find my dream job that will allow me to travel and experience different cultures and societies and be apart of an organization that will help developing countries. Im looking forward to discussing a lot of hot topics with my fellow classmates and share ideas that will help us see things differently.

  24. Iram Nisar

    Hello Alayah
    I feel your pain working and going to school full time is crazy!! 4 months isn’t that long and it will definitely be worth it once you graduate. GLOA 101 was also one of my first classes here at GMU and it was my favorite. Wish you the best with your studies and hope this class will help all of us better understand culture.

  25. Iram Nisar

    I hope I’m luckily enough to travel to all these places like you Stephanie!! I agree with you also about our world being rapidly fueled by evolving technology that shape and influence our daily lives. Looking forward to this class and discussing hot topics with everyone. Good Luck with your studies!

  26. Mona Hudhud

    My name is Mona Hudhud and I am a sophomore here at George Mason. I am a global affairs major and my concentration is Middle East and North Africa, and I’m minoring in business. I’m taking 16 credits, and my easiest class this semester is weight training and body conditioning, so I’m excited for that class to start. My dream job is to one day become an ambassador for my country, Jordan, so hopefully that will one day happen. My goals are to travel the world before I’m 30, and so far I’ve only been to a couple countries in the Middle East so I still have a long way ahead of me. The readings for this class seem very interesting, I look forward to reading them and learning about people’s different perspectives on these readings.

  27. Piero G. Quiroz

    Hello All:

    My name is Piero Quiroz, and I am a junior at GMU majoring in Global Affairs, Global Inequalities & Responses. I am thinking of minoring in English, but not so sure I can take on the extra courses now, as I am also a full-time employee. One reason i decided to take this course is because i took GLOA101 last semester and truly enjoyed it and figured that this class would certainly compliment concepts and knowledge from GLOA101. Aside from this course, i am also taking International Economic Policy, Global Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and Spanish. I am hoping this class will give me more exposure to the “how’s” and “whys” of the interconnections in our world. I am hopeful to be able to participate more in the events held at GMU, such as the symposiums, conferences, etc. to be able to enrich the matters studied in courses such as on this one.

  28. Piero G. Quiroz

    Hi Kat:

    Sounds like you have some of the same goals for this course as myself. I like that you want to major in Russia and Central Asia.

  29. Piero G. Quiroz

    Hi Matt:

    Sounds like you are a busy person; double minor, thats great! Like yourself, i am also very much looking forward to the in-calss discussions to hear and understand how people relate or help each other understand their opinions.

  30. Holly McGowan

    Hi, everyone!

    My name’s Holly. I’m a Criminology major with a double minor in Global Affairs and Intelligence Analysis. I am a sophomore. I started out as a Gloa major, switched to Crim last semester, but still liked Gloa enough to keep it on as a minor as I very much enjoyed my previous Gloa-based classes. This is only one of two classes I’m taking this semester that aren’t Criminology based, so I’m excited to focus on something other than Crim and on something as interesting as globalization/culture.

  31. Tiffany Kornegay

    Hello! My name is Tiffany Kornegay. I am a sophomore and working on a major in Global Affairs (concentration in East Asia) and a minor is Japanese studies. This is only my second semester here at George Mason main campus. I only recently came back from studying abroad for a year at Mason Korea. So in a way I’m relatively new here and don’t know many people. To be honest I have plans to study abroad again next semester in Japan. I’m currently studying two languages at once, which is Korean and Japanese and it is NOT easy, but currently I’m more focused on Japanese. I’m working hard to be eligible for the accelerated Master program and looking towards working in the US State Department and a Public Foreign Service Officer once I graduate. So I have a lot of studying ahead of me… I honestly hope to be able to travel the world, since I found it to be one of my most significant hobbies. So I hope to travel to all of Asia and then Europe, Africa, South America, and even though I hate the cold.. I hope I can travel to Greenland (Or Alaska) in search of the Northern Lights! I’m not part of many clubs because I’ve been gone so long but I hope I can easily integrate into the Mason community once again! For this class, I love retaining new information and healthy debates, so I hope we can have some great discussions in class.

  32. Sebastian Smith

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Sebastian Smith and I am a senior this year at George Mason. I am a Global Affairs major with a minor in Economics as well as a concentration in International Development. I was born on a military base in Germany and attended an American Embassy school throughout my youth. I speak German, Spanish, English, and am currently taking French at the University. I am currently working on campus at the RAC gym and was recently promoted. I am in a Fraternity on campus, and I am also involved in the Black Student Alliance, African Student Association, and volunteer often with MasonLife. From this class I hope to develop a stronger understanding of cultures in our world as well as the unprecedented growth of globalization across borders.

  33. Sophie Gorshenin


    My name is Sophie Gorshenin and I am a sophomore this year at George Mason. I am a Global Affairs major with a double minor in Environmental Policy and Art History. Both of my parents work for the military, which meant we were constantly on the move. Therefore, it has allowed me to live in some insanely beautiful countries, including Germany and Italy. I am currently working part time at a RECenter as a gym assistant. I also volunteer at the Humane Society in Fairfax to help sheltered animals find a loving home. I love traveling and there is still so much more of the world that I am dying to see. So with this class I hope to learn about the different cultures in the world and how it influences globalization.

  34. Sophie Gorshenin

    Hey Tiffany!

    It is incredibly impressive that you are tackling two languages at once! Japan seems incredible and like a great opportunity for new adventures.

  35. Luray Puccetti

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Luray Puccetti, I am a sophomore, and I am a Global Affairs major with a concentration in the Middle East and Northern Africa. I am hoping to find a job with the government to “get the bad guys” after school. With all that, here’s some fun facts! I’ma military brat and have moved 5 times (Hawaii being one of the places I lived) and had 4 elementary schools. Unfortunately, i did not have the opportunity to live/travel abroad, but I will one day! I’m a Zumba Instructor and dancing is a passion of mine. I also enjoy spending time at the range. I’m looking forward to this semester and this class! 🙂

  36. Luray Puccetti

    Hi Sophie! I’m a military brat also! I would have loved to live in Italy or at least have been able to experience it! I stayed mainly on the East Coast, with the exception of living in Hawaii. I’m dying to visit as many places as I can!

  37. Sophie Gorshenin

    Hey Iram!

    Hopefully this semester won’t be too crazy for you! Also, congratulations on the engagement!

  38. Christina Badalis

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Christina Badalis and I am a junior. I just transferred to Mason last semester and I am studying Global Affairs. As of yet, I have not declared a concentration, but I am leaning towards Global Governance. Besides this class, I am taking Diplomacy, American Foreign Policy, International Economic Policy, and calculus. For fun, I am also studying harp through the music department. In my free time, I practice harp and piano, participate in Catholic Campus Ministry, and try to keep up with my Arabic and Russian studies. The reason I am taking this course, besides to fulfill the major requirement, is that I hope to gain a greater understanding of how culture and globalization factor into the current problems the world is facing. Additionally, I would like to learn more about the varied cultures of the Middle East, which is a region I am particularly interested in.

  39. Luray Puccetti

    Hi Holly!

    I’m thinking about picking up the Intelligence Analysis minor as well! There’s so much in that field that pulls my attention! I’ve already taken one CRIM course last semester and one this semester focused on the IC, and I’m loving them!

  40. Sebastian Smith

    Looks like a few of us will be crossing the stage in may come the commencement ceremony 🙂 How have you liked minoring in Global Governance? At one time I thought about picking it up before choosing International Development but I am fine with my decision. Working at the Apple store really does sounds like fun, and the your time spent with the USAID is very valuable. I hope you enjoy this class as much as I think I will

  41. Sebastian Smith

    Hi Holly,

    Its cool to hear that you are double minoring in Global Affairs as well as Intelligence Analysis. With the Global Affairs minor allowing you to experience so many types of classes and taking you too different parts of the world, while the Intelligence Analysis connects you too homeland security and other international fields of intelligence. I hope you get to continue to enjoy the CRIM major and things go well in your classes.

  42. Justin Makepeace

    Hi! My name is Justin Makepeace, I’m a Global Affairs major, concentration in North African and Middle Eastern studies and minoring in Intelligence Analysis. I am hoping to go for my accelerated Masters in Political Science starting next year. I want to go into a government job and find bad guys! I’ve only been to Mexico for my brothers wedding, otherwise I have no out of country travel experiences. I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina and I currently work two jobs as a swimcoach and as a social media consultant. I am constantly either at the range or at the pool. For this class I hope to gain a better understanding of how globalization is effecting the spread and matriculation of different cultures into the ‘world stage’.

  43. Brayan Juarez

    Hello Class!

    My name is Brayan Juarez. I am a Global Affairs Major here a George Mason University with a concentration in International Development. I am very exited and looking forward to working with you all this semester. It is great to hear that many of you have very similar fields of academic interests as I do. I have lived here in northern Virginia for about six years, but originally from Mexico. I also lived in New Jersey for about five years. With my Hispanic culture as a foundation, I have participated in various non-profit organizations that deal with many of the immigration issues that are seen in the United States. My personal hobbies include running, soccer, reading, drawing, painting, and of course socializing with friends. I am part of several clubs here at Mason including the Hispanic Student association and I am also a member of Aguilas Mentoring Program. I believe this class will help fulfill a lot of my academic interests and further enhance my knowledge as a Global Affairs student.

  44. Daniel Luongo

    Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Luongo and I am a sophomore. I am a Global Affairs major with a concentration in Global Governance and a possible minor in Chinese. In the future I would like to work in government and hopefully the State Department. I am originally from Buffalo, NY. It was a change coming down here for school, but I love it and I’m proud of my choice. Im also a part of the Crew Club here at Mason and love it. I rowed in high school and was glad to be able to continue it here. Im excited to be in this class and can’t wait to meet everyone!

  45. Jon Mayer

    Hello, I’m a pop singing sensation who also studies global affairs. I’ve been at gmu for awhile now, because I get sidetracked due to my passion for state party politics… and poker. I’m no longer involved with groups on campus since I’m busy with other endeavors. What I hope to gain from this class is something I haven’t learned from watching VICE news.

  46. Shawn Nguyen

    Hello my name is Shawn Nguyen. I’m a sophomore and I’m majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Asia along with a minor in Linguistics. I am first-generation Vietnamese-American and I am multilingual in English, Vietnamese, French, Korean, and am currently studying Japanese. Currently I have experience with translating but eventually I’d like to work for the United Nations or the U.S. State Department and be able to travel a lot. Besides that, I am also interested in fashion although I probably wear too much black (I’m sure everyone will notice this trend as the weeks go by) and I also work part-time at Chipotle on the weekends.

  47. Andrew Han

    Hey Matt,

    Thank you for the reply and I am just scratching the surface with ArcMap. It is definitely something I want to pursue in the future (even as a hobby) and I am down to talk about it! Thanks again.

  48. Andrew Han

    Hello Justin,

    First, I wish you luck on getting your Accelerated Masters. Second, how do you like your minor in Intelligence Analysis so far? Recommend any classes? I was considering minoring in it myself but decided to minor in business. Third, what ranges do you go to and what do you shoot (assuming I understood correctly)?

  49. Khatol Aziz

    Hey guys! My name is Khatol and I’m a sophomore majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Economy and Management. I’m also minoring in French and Business. I’m taking 18 credits this semester and I’m also the treasurer of the Afghan Student Union at Mason. I’m a first-generation Afghan-American fluent in Farsi/Dari and some French. I hope to work for an international organization or any job that requires lots of traveling. I’m taking this class to expand the knowledge I gained from GLOA 101, which was one of the most memorable and influential classes for me. I’m looking forward to hearing different opinions and perspectives on the topics we cover in this class!

  50. Andrew Han

    Hello Shawn,

    I am amazed that you know or are pursuing to master so many different languages. I am a second generation Korean and I have a hard enough time mastering my own native language. I am currently in Intermediate Chinese here at Mason and would love to hear your tips on learning different languages.

    Nice to meet you.

  51. Mariam Wamee

    Hi Mona!

    It’s wonderful that you are concentrating in Middle East and North Africa. That works perfectly with your goal of one day becoming and Ambassador. I interned at the Embassy of Afghanistan in DC this past summer and the Embassy world is definitely different but quite interesting! I hope you get to experience that in the future. I hope to be able to travel around the Middle East as well, I would love to improve the limited Arabic I have learned. Best of luck with the class and the rest of your studies.

  52. Mariam Wamee

    Hi Sebastian,

    It sounds like you’re a natural at learning foreign languages, that’s an amazing skill to have, as you already may know, especially in this field of study. You mentioned you were born and raised in Germany, have you gone back to visit at all? I actually took a trip to Germany this past summer for the first time, and I loved it. It is so rich in history and culture, but the Kinder chocolates were my favorite part. Have a wonderful rest of the semester and best of luck with the class!

  53. David Olivera

    Hi Piero,

    If you eventually pick up the English minor take a look at the Cultural Studies concentration or the World Literature concentreation. Both will complement your major ( by the way I’m an English major).

  54. David Olivera

    Hi Sophie

    I think it’s awesome that you volunteer at an animal shelter. I love animals especially dogs. Anyway thank you for sacrificing your time.

  55. Khatol Aziz

    Hi Anna! I can relate to your story since my parents also fled their homeland due to conflict. Global Affairs seems like a good fit for you. I look forward to working with you!

  56. Khatol Aziz

    Hi Mona! I definitely share your passion of traveling the world and learning about all the people in it. I’d love to visit Jordan and learn Arabic as well. I look forward to working with you!

  57. Christina Badalis

    Hi Khatol,

    You seem to have your hands quite full this semester! Since you are taking 18 credits, you must be a master of time management. Also, I think it is amazing how many people in our class speak such a variety of languages, and Farsi/Dari is certainly one of the most unique. Did you grow up speaking Farsi at home as your first language or did you predominately use English?

  58. Daniel Luongo

    Hi Christina,

    I am too an Global Affairs major with a concentration in Global Governance. I’m impressed by anyone that can play an instrument and I always did like the harp. All the classes sound interesting to me, except for calculus that is. And I would love to get your opinion on them in the future. Good luck this semester!!

  59. Daniel Luongo

    HI Luray,

    That must have been crazy moving around so much. I don’t really know any military brats, so Im interested in what you thought of your childhood. I too find interest in the Middle East and Northern Africa even though my minor is Chinese. Take care this semester!

  60. Christina Badalis

    Hey Daniel,

    It would appear that we, the Global Governance concentrations, are in the minority. I have only seen one or two others. Also, it is so cool that you are learning Chinese! I have been debating trying to learn a little bit for awhile. Do you enjoy it? Are the pictographs and tones as hard as they are rumored to be?

    See you in class!

  61. Ekaterina Kuichik

    Hi Christina,

    I am impressed you are doing Arabic and Russian studies. This two regions are nothing alike, and their languages do not have a common language as a foundation ( e.g. Latin for English or Spanish). BTW, I am native Russian speaker, so if you want to practice your Russian language skills you are welcome =)

  62. Ekaterina Kuichik

    Hi Piero:

    I am looking into attending different events at Mason as well (hopefully). Maybe we could do some of the events together assuming you won’t be tired of me after two classes together lol

  63. Shawn Nguyen

    Hi Tiffany!

    It sounds like you and I have a lot in common in terms of Korean and Japanese studies. I definitely can relate to how difficult the two languages can be, though I’m sure you’re having an even harder time than I did since I did not study them at the same time. I also want to study in Japan and I’m actually attending the Song-do campus next fall and would definitely appreciate hearing your experiences!

  64. Tiffany Kornegay

    Hey Luray! I find it pretty awesome that you’re of a military family. I’ve never gotten to travel often and I lived in one place my whole life so it was a pretty boring lifestyle. It seems Global Affairs is pretty popular, I see we have different focuses. It sounds like a lot of material to learn but it sounds super interesting. Of course I chose East Asia so I find that a bit more interesting. But I can literally not tell you how long I’ve dreamed of dancing. I went to a dance workshop on campus and I at that moment realized dancing is just not for me… At least not fast paced dancing…. One day I will master the art. But today is not that day.

  65. Tiffany Kornegay

    Reading this made me just so absolutely jealous. I’ve always wished that I could speak languages other than English. And I didn’t exactly have a non-American culture to make that happen as a child. Never even got the opportunity to start learning another language until later in life and my only option was Spanish and French and it turns out Spanish is definitely not my forte. That being the case… I find it totally awesome that you could speak so any languages. Do me a favor and help me with Japanese! I’m constantly mixing together Korean and Japanese! It’s chaotic. Although I don’t favor the government I’ve been hoping to work in the U.S Department of State (Or be a singer, whichever comes first) But I think you won’t have any problems at all. By the way, my fashion is terrible, ultra.

  66. Andrea Mendoza

    Hi Khatol,
    I’m really impressed that you are taking on so much responsibility, both in and out of class. Wow. So what made you decide to major in Global Affairs? And I guess along with that, what do you hope to do with Global Affairs in the future?

  67. Holly McGowan

    Hi Andrea!

    I’m interested in East Asia, as well. I’ve never studied Japanese or Japan, but I’ve been studying Mandarin for the past three years and studied Korean during high school. I find that whole area of the world so interesting because it’s so different than the Westernized cultures that I’m much more used to.

  68. Andrea Mendoza

    Hi Brayan,
    My dad is also from Mexico, he’s from the capital. What part of Mexico are you from? I’m also part of the HSA and I just joined the Mariposas last semester. How long have you been involved with non-profits? Do you have any that you enjoyed working with the most? Also, do plan to use your Global Affairs background with further work on issues such as immigration, or do you hope to do something else with it after graduation? Anyways, I hope to see you in class tomorrow and maybe we can talk about the HSA and whatnot.

  69. Holly McGowan

    Hi Matt,

    I’m also minoring in Intel Analysis and hope to end up in the intelligence community after school! I’m taking the Intro to the Intelligence Community class this semester and really like it so far. It seems really interesting.

  70. Andrea Mendoza

    Hi Daniel, haha yeah thanks I didn’t know that I was able to pick a concentration with this major so when I looked at them all Asia just made sense. Well, hopefully I’ll go to Japan and work as a teacher or something but I’m more of a “go with the flow” kind of person so really I’ll see what my opportunities are and then I’ll go with whatever I think will make me happy. Yes, I do speak Japanese but I’m definitely not as fluent as I want to be. I think that once I spend some time over in Japan and really immerse myself in the language then I’ll become much more fluent.

  71. Andrea Mendoza

    Yeah I hope so, I’m also taking GLOA 450 which is ‘Korea in Global Context’ and I’m learning all about Korea’s history and it seems like a pretty interesting topic that I could possibly write about. I might write something about the split between North and South.

  72. Andrea Mendoza

    Cool, what motivated you to start learning those languages? Also, I just finished watching a Korean romantic comedy. It’s called; Marriage Is A Crazy Thing, and it’s available at the JC library. It’s a great movie, you should check it out.

    Anyways I agree, when I started learning about Japanese culture I was really intrigued with how their way of life and world outlook is so different from the way I was raised to look at the world. In that sense I really enjoy learning about various cultures and how everyone’s perspective is different even within a single group of people.

  73. Mona Hudhud

    Hello Mariam,
    I’m also minoring in business, and actually my concentration was Global governance too but I recently changed it to Middle East and North Africa! Im sure working at the apple store is fun, cause you get to see the products that come out before everyone, so lucky you! You seem you have a lot going on this semester, it’s motivating to see that maybe I’ll be able to do all that when I’m a senior as well! I look forward to talking to you in class and getting to know you better!!

  74. Shawn Nguyen

    Hi Sebastian!

    I think it’s awesome that you grew up in Germany and also know Spanish and are studying French! I’m jealous that you’d be able to tour Europe easily thanks to having all of those key European languages under your belt. I took French for 5 years in high school and if you know Spanish and German, I’m sure it’ll be a piece of cake for you. Good luck!

  75. Mona Hudhud

    Hi Khatol,
    I’m a sophomore too and I’m also a global affairs major. I’ve always wanted to learn French but I heard it was really hard so I’ve been skeptical about it! But I’m also minoring in business. Getting a job that requires a lot of traveling is also something im looking forward to, and I feel like global affairs is one of the best majors for that!

  76. Sarah Smith

    Thanks for your response, Daniel. I never thought of journalism, however that’s an interesting suggestion. As an incoming freshman, I had goals of becoming a Japanese-English translator, therefore my Japanese minor was more valued over my Global Affairs major, which was chosen because it aligned the best with my goals and general interests. I picked my dance minor because like I said above, I not only march for independent groups, but I also teach color guard. Ideally, I would love to move to Texas or California and teach. So for now my degree will be a piece of paper that I get in May 2016, but I’m sure I will enjoy the class regardless and a degree that I won’t use is better than a degree I would need but don’t have.

  77. Sarah Smith

    These are little small things, but the things we have in common are kind of neat; dance, both lived in Hawaii due to being a military brat, Global Affairs major, etc. Best to the semester!

  78. Sarah Smith

    Assuming that you didn’t test in ahead of any previous levels, I’ll safely assume that you’re in the Japanese 200s, best of luck! As a native speaker, getting over the grammar was always a struggle. Best of luck to your semester!

  79. Jon Mayer

    Also, wie ist dien Deutsch? I was also born there and then took it in high school. You’ve quite the language repertoire there. It’ll be interesting to find out what country you’d be most interesting in helping develop in South America or Africa. Bon chance

  80. Jon Mayer

    Dan, seems like you’ve got your act together! You seem poised to get hired as a consultant or contractor out in DC, especially with your current experience. You’ve chosen the right university, me thinks.

  81. Sara Ali

    Hi my name is Sara Ali. I am a George mason Senior. This is my last semester. I am majoring in Global Affairs and my concentration is Middle East where I am from. I am not currently working just taking 15 credits in school and taking care of my 8 month old son. sometimes in my free time I volunteer in a sunday school that teaches Arabic. I am taking this class to fulfill my major requirement .Also, I would like to learn about research as this will be my third research experience and I was not too good at them so I hope I can improve my research this time with an interesting topic.

  82. Sara Ali

    Hi Kat,
    It is interesting to study what you love and also to have a concentration related to your home country. I am also a Global Affairs major concentrating in Middle East where I am originally from. I believe that studying what is related to your roots gives you an addition in your life and you can also give an addition ( benefits ) to your country.

  83. Brayan Juarez

    Hey Stephanie I’m really happy for you! You seem to have a lot of your plans on a good course. I think taking some time off from school will not result as a bad choice at all since you used your time to work at an important place like a county court. I’m sure it will be influential to have that on your resume when applying for other jobs. Good luck!

  84. Brayan Juarez

    Hi Holly,

    I think it’s awesome you still kept an interest in Global Affairs although you chose not to ave it as your major. I had considered Criminology a few years back too but I guess I found Global Affairs to be a bit more attractive to my interests. Double Minor sounds like a lot of work! I wish you the best luck this semester!

  85. Sara Ali

    Hi Stephanie,
    Good luck with your decision, my sister just did the Accelerate MA in IT major here in George mason and she is almost done. I believe George mason is a really good school specially in global studies so I encourage you to go for it. Traveling is definitely one of the most interesting things you can do so it is a good idea to study abroad. don’t miss out traveling to Paris, France , you will love it.
    Nice to meet you

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